Pandemia Actions – Covid-19

We are organizing a fund raising to offer our students’ families in social vulnerability , care packages with basic food (rice, beans, oil, sugar, salt, pasta, coffee, etc)  and hygiene  (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. ) and house cleaning  supplies. See at


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Tenho pesquisado como posso ajudar nesse momento tão delicado que estamos vivendo. Mais do que nunca, precisamos ter solidariedade e empatia. No Brasil estou criando o Fundo Luz Alliance, em parceria com a @brazilfound, para ajudar crianças, idosos e famílias mais vulneráveis, através da doação de alimentos e kits de higiene. Compartilho aqui a lista das organizações que estão sendo apoiadas, neste primeiro momento, caso alguém gostaria de ajudá-las também: @Wimbelemdon , @timefomedeaprender , @redeBancodeAlimentosrs , @cufabrasil – Mães da favela, @mulheremconstrucao_oficial , e a @ahmipoa Associação dos Amigos do Hospital Maternidade Infantil Presidente Vargas, além de ter apoiado o Hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Porto Alegre @santacasapoa. Já nos Estados Unidos, doamos para os bancos de alimentos em Tampa @feedingtampabay e em Boston @gr8bosfoodbank . Cada um pode achar à sua maneira de fazer o bem. O importante é cuidarmos uns dos outros da maneira que podemos. #juntossomosmaisfortes 🙏❤ I’ve been researching ways I can help during this time. Now more than ever, we need to have solidarity and empathy. I wanted to share some organizations that I am donating to in case anyone would like to support them too. In Brazil, in addition to supporting the Santa Casa de Misericórdia hospital in Porto Alegre, I am creating a special fund, called Luz Alliance, in partnership with the @brazilfound, to help children, the elderly and the most vulnerable families, through the donation of food and hygiene kits. In the United States, we partnered with @wheelsup8760 and @feedingamerica on their @mealsup initiative and donated to food banks in both Tampa @feedingtampabay and Boston @gr8bosfoodbank. I am also donating to some wonderful organizations: @Wimbelemdon, @timefomedeaprender, @redeBancodeAlimentosrs, @CufaBrasil – mothers from the favela, @mulheremconstrucao_oficial and the Association of Friends of the Presidente Vargas Maternity Hospital, who are working tirelessly to help those in need. Everyone can find their own way of doing good. The important thing is to take care of each other the best way we can. 🙏❤ #togetherwearestronger

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The value indicate in the link is for two months only. 
To attend these families for 3 months they have a need of USD 6.570 (R$ 34.500) – Source Bloomberg BRL/USD 5.2511 (today).

WimBelemDon is helping children´s families during this pandemia. Since March 25th we are attending the social distancing so we cannot concentrate the children in our space.  From that moment on,  we have been conducting remote monitoring of all families, through our psychologists and social agents, making themselves available for assistance in these areas. In addition, we prepared a special assistance to  help these families on the correct practices to avoid the virus and guarantee social rights they have.
We expect  that even if the situation returns to normal in 60 days, a vulnerable family, like our audience, takes another 60 days to reorganize.
The selection of these families was made based on a survey that our psychology team and social agents made with all of our public. We identified the families with the greatest urgency in receiving these items and started delivering since March 21rd.  Deliveries are being made by our team at the headquarters of WimBelemDon, in order to minimize contact, respecting public health rules for reducing the spread of Covid-19.
Some words of Marcelo Ruschel  (Founder and Superindent) : “With regard to this whole situation, we are once again putting into practice attributes that we usually work on since 2015, involving all the workshops with the students, as well as in the fire (2018) that we work on Perseverance… and now we all have to put into practice… I take more risks, I am optimistic in thinking that the planet will return more humane and compassionate, because inevitably all the people of this world will have to, in a way, deal with various attributes that we work around here and are not taught in traditional schools… we believe that we will return with more: Empathy, Perseverance, Love, Altruism, Generosity, Kindness, Gratitude, Humility, Forgiveness, Honesty, Tolerance, Respect and Compassion”
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