Pandemia Actions – Covid-19

WimBelemDon has had its activities suspended since March 18, when we received guidance from the FASC (Foundation for Social Assistance and Citizenship) of the City of Porto Alegre on measures to be taken due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

During this period of social isolation, we are carrying out various works to help the families of our students, not forgetting the activities we spent in person at the NGO, adapting so that they can be carried out online.

We periodically send, to our students, sports, cultural and pedagogical activities developed by the project’s educators.

Monitoring the situation of the families of our students

The Psychology and Social Assistance sectors are committed to meeting the demands of the families of our students, carrying out constant monitoring.

We applied a survey to monitor the situation of each family of our students, in order to be aware of how each family is in such a complicated moment.

Qualification of the WimBelemDon team during social isolation

During social isolation, WimBelemDon continues to work, accompanying our students, sending activities and improving our processes for when the situation normalizes and the face-to-face activities return.

Within this proposal, the qualifications of the sectors are very important.

Combate Covid Campaign for the acquisition of basic food baskets for the students’ families

At the beginning of the period of social isolation, we entered the Combate Covid campaign, which aims to raise funds to be used in basic baskets, hygiene and cleaning kits for all the families of our students.

During the campaign, we received support from Gisele Bündchen, who made donations on two occasions, through her Luz Alliance Fund, from the Brazil Foundation.

In approximately one month of the campaign, we reached the established goal, but the campaign is still up, allowing anyone who wants to collaborate to contribute so that the basic baskets, hygiene and cleaning kits are even better.

Delivery of basic baskets for families

During the period of social isolation, in eight months, we made ten deliveries of basic food baskets to the families of our students, in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, at the beginning of October, at the end of October and December ,

In 2021, we made the first delivery of basic food baskets of the year in the months of January and February.

Donation of food baskets to CRAS

In April, after delivering basic food baskets to families linked to WimBelemDon, some families gave up baskets containing food, hygiene and cleaning kits, as they concluded that they were in a stable moment. As a result, we decided to support the territory of the extreme south of Porto Alegre, allocating 25 baskets to the Reference Center for Social Assistance (CRAS) in the Far South.

On May 14, after the goal of our Combate Covid campaign was reached, we expanded the donation, allocating 170 basic baskets, hygiene and cleaning kits to CRAS.

On June 12, Tennis Day, as we had already done on two occasions, we made a donation of baskets (food and hygiene and cleaning products) available to the CRAS (Reference Center for Social Assistance) in the Far South.

185 baskets were donated, which, added to previous donations, total 380 kits that will benefit socially vulnerable families in neighborhoods such as Belém Novo, Chapéu do Sol and Lami.

On July 9, we made a basket donation available to the CRAS (Reference Center for Social Assistance) in the Far South. 150 baskets were donated, which, added to previous donations, totaled 520 kits.

At the end of August, we made another delivery of basic baskets to CRAS Extremo Sul, supporting our territory for the fifth consecutive month.

Equipe do WimBelemDon com representant Extremo Sules do CRAS

Support from companies to increase basic food baskets

QOD Cosmetic, a manufacturer of cosmetic products, donated a personal hygiene kit containing soap, shampoo and conditioner, in addition to alcohol gel and 70% liquid alcohol. The Arab Restaurant Baalbek, on the other hand, donated a kit with delicious Arab breads.

Della Nonna is offering several products of its brand in the basic baskets we deliver, such as potato straw, straws and cookies.

The companies Copag and Sul Naipes (card game manufacturers) donated a card game for each family. This gift comes with a series of tips, given by our educator Valéria Silva, of games for the whole family.

Galápagos Jogos donated several games to be made available to students.

Story Cubes, for children over 6 years old, is a fun game of story creation, already carried out in Psychology and Learning workshops. Jungle Speed, for ages 7 and up, is a dynamic game for the whole family, stimulating quick thinking, honesty and empathy.

And Timeline Brasil, for those over 8 years old, didactic and educational, seeks to teach about historical facts of our country. The WimBelemDon team recorded teaching how to play each one and sent it to the families. Games-related activities will be sent within the Learning Workshop proposal.

Finally, each family received a food card with a credit of R $ 60.00. The card, which can be used in several commercial establishments, will serve for families to complement the basic baskets received with products that they consider important in their daily meals.

It is another way of giving dignity and autonomy to the families we serve.

We launched a book about the 20 years of WimBelemDon as a gift to the families of our students

On December 1st, during our tenth delivery of basic food baskets, we presented to the families of our students and to our team, the book “WimBelemDon 20 years – A History of Dreams, Education, Perseverance and Social Transformation”.

The bilingual book (Portuguese and English), contains 292 pages of a beautiful story and hundreds of beautiful images.

Special action

Another important action was supported by WimBelemDon on Tennis Day. Amurt-Amurtel is an NGO based in the Restinga neighborhood, south of Porto Alegre, and works with actions in the areas of education, social assistance and human rights. Like other organizations, the NGO has a large part of its face-to-face activities suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the restrictions, the organization is carrying out some actions during this period and one of them has provided a differentiated service to the street population. Adapting the space of a school gymnasium, the institution has set up a structure so that up to 100 people a week have access to bathing, breakfast and clothes.

At a time when hygiene care should be among everyone’s main concerns, this is an action that directly helps in preventing coronavirus. The people served are welcomed by professionals from Amurt-Amurtel who, during an interview, register and inform each one about access to rights.

After that moment people are taken to the bath, choose clothes (which are previously washed and separated by size) and finally breakfast. All action is made possible through the donation of all items.

To collaborate with this beautiful action, WimBelemDon delivered hygiene products (soap, shampoo, conditioner and alcohol gel) that were donated by QOD Cosmetics. In addition, we were able to contribute to breakfast by donating milk and cookies.

The General Coordinator of Social Projects of the NGO, Ana Cristina Aguiar received donations at the headquarters of WimBelemDon. If you want to know more about how to support this action, just access the website

Donation of sporting goods to the FASE

On the morning of May 14, we received a special visit at our headquarters. Representatives from the Carlos Santos Provisional Internment Center (FASE unit – Socio-Educational Service Foundation) are at WimBelemDon to receive a donation: rackets, balls, hammock and sunscreen.

The initiative came from a contact with the assistant director of the unit, Cristiano Roratto, who was looking for alternative activities for teenagers who fulfill socio-educational measures in FASE.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of the physical activities that these young people tend to perform on a daily basis had to be suspended. In the contact made with WimBelemDon, there was the idea of taking tennis (sport in which physical contact does not occur) for these young people.

The donation of the items was added by a video produced by WimBelemDon where our educators Raphael Trindade and Jaleska Mendes, present some initial notions of the sport and tips on activities that can be developed.

Soup deliveries for those in need

After the success of Ué ?! SOUP! Delivery, we at WimBelemDon are left with the mission of producing 200 liters of soup for homeless people and needy communities. For each soup kit purchased, our team would make a liter of soup.

More than fifty liters of soup were produced and, on Friday morning (10/02), it was time to deliver the food.

We contacted Hiroxima Blasina, a teacher at the Municipal School Mário Quintana (EMEF Mário Quintana) and who helps underprivileged communities in Vila Castelo, in the Restinga neighborhood, in conjunction with the Alimenta Essa Ideia project.

The teacher went to our headquarters to remove the production from the previous day and delivered it to those responsible for the project. Camila Forquim, Paloma Renata and Tainá Forquim received the soups and made them available to residents of the region.

They are former students of the Mário Quintana School and today are mothers of students and, because of the beginning of the pandemic, started the project that aims to help people in the community.

Second delivery

On 10/16 we made another delivery of soup, going from 100 liters donated so far. We make available to the Street Dweller Project, which delivers meals to homeless people in Porto Alegre. The Social Project is organized by Vanessa, Fernanda, Gabriela, Natieli and Natália. In addition to them, it also has 40 active volunteers.

Vanessa and Marceli came to our headquarters to remove the soup and followed the south zone to the center of Porto Alegre delivering the food to homeless people. It is gratifying to be able to contribute to other projects that aim to help people.

Third delivery

On 10/30 we made the last soup delivery for those who need it. Rose, our cook, with the help of our team, prepared more than 50 liters of delicious soup, which was delivered to people from the Vila Maria Community.

At the end of the morning, Paulo Goulart and Letícia Goulart went to our headquarters to pick up the soup and deliver it afterwards. We talked to Paulo about the action and the importance of this gesture.

Sponsors of Ué ?! SOUP! Delivery: Dufrio and BNP Paribas

Chefs: Jimmy Ogro, Vico Crocco, Jose Barattino, Neka Menna Barreto, Chef Lucas Corazza, Mariana Dedavid.

Support: Fruki, UniRitter, Capolivo, Orchid, Kieling Multimodal, Leopoldine Youth Association, Della Nonna, GMS Sports, Deli Me and Claudio Solano Gastronomia. ⠀