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WimBelemDon Project – Educating through Tennis

What is the WimBelemDon Project

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That all children can have a dream and the ability to move on, creating a fair and self-sustainable society.


Through teaching tennis integrated with reading and school complementation, to facilitate the development of skills and attitudes in children at social risk to enable them to participate actively in the brazilian society.

Summary of the Project

It’s a project that, through teaching tennis and carrying out extra-school activities, develops skills and attitudes in children at risk, seeking to facilitate the process of social integration.

Since when?

The WimBelemDon Project was founded in october 2000

How it happens so far?

  • Tennis lessons
  • Reading workshops
  • English classes
  • Cinema workshops
  • Educational Workshops – Portuguese and Mathematics
  • Psicological support

Challenges forward (2014/2015)

  • Organization of our own Library (English/Portuguese)
  • Buy our rented propertyPurchase a vehycle (bus)Build new classrooms
  • How many children?
  • 105 kids from 06 to 18 years old

What are the Project goals?

General Purpose

Promoting social inclusion of children at social risk through tennis lessons and school extracurricular activities.

Specific goals

  • Encourage the development of self-esteem, confidence and discipline in children at a risk situation;
  • Improve performance in school;
  • Expand the world view;
  • Take children to a safe enviroment, away from drugs and crime scenes;
  • Keep children in school.

Why Tennis?*

The tennis practice helps children:

  • Develop the ethics of work and discipline
  • Dealing with errors and solve problems
  • Holding up by their actions
  • Control their emotions facing difficulties
  • Dealing with stress, pressure and tension
  • To make decisions by the planning of the best strokes and strategies
  • Develop effective performance rituals
  • Develop sporting spirit and social skills
  • Win with dignity and lose with honor
  • Develop a team spirit and communication

* Text written by Arthur Ashe

We believe that, like any individual sport, especially Tennis, make children discover they can overcome obstacles in their own and succeed in the game. This, with no doubt, helps to develop skills and positive attitudes that enable them, in the future, to participate actively in the brazilian society.

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